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Player Profiles 


Theo Anderson-University Of Buffalo

Stephen Reese Donahue-West Virginia University
Ashton Hollie-Tyler Community College
​Brockton Brown-Ouachita Baptist

Tyler Pritchett-UNC
Cole Blackman-University of Virginia
Craig Watts-University of South Florida
Darius Miller-NMMI
​George Tsiouklas-Stetson University
Glass Wilson-Presbyterian College
Jimmy Faulks-Liberty University
Kevontre Whetzel-Oregon State
​Khris Pam-Presbyterian College
​Provonsha Wells-Marshall University
​Stephen Jackson-Valdosta State
​Tristian Upton-Colorado State Pueblo
​Selby Steward-Kutztown University (rugby)
​​Isaac Allen-Wingate University

Darius Williams-Carson Newman

Garrison Bryant-NMMI

​James Morrison-NMMI

Deano Trlin-UW Steven's Point

​DeShawn Barnes-Minot University

​Demarkus Glover-Akron

​Liam Keane-USF

​Coy Coffey-UW Steven's Point

​​Michael Stillwell-Davidson College

​Zeke McGaughy-Warner University

​Crandall Maines-Jacksonville University

Jon DeVries-USF Pre-Med

​Dontae Chambers-Abilene McMurry

Dontell Green-Bethune Cookman

​David Barnett-Capital University

​Braden O'Connell-UW Steven's Point

​Craig Nowinski-Wesleyan University (discuss)