We Believe In Me 




If you are a parent you've probably wondered:

How does my child learn, when what has been done in the past didn't work?

What is the difference between high school requirements, college requirements, and NCAA requirements?

​Core GPA vs overall GPA, how can I help my child improve their GPA and fix past grades?

​ACT and SAT prep, and how does my child qualify for scholarships?

​Community involvement helps my child stand out, how can they get involved?

​What do I do with all these college letters coming in for my child, and what questions do I ask the college recruiters before committing?  What can my child expect in college and how can I prep him mentally to succeed?

​NCAA rules are constantly changing, what does this mean for my child?

​We are here to help answer all of your questions, and help you and your child have all the tools it takes to achieve their goal.  Our consultation and evaluation is always free.


​​We provide professional training in weight, speed, conditioning, position specific, and position specific technique.  We will help to guide each child with mental coaching, sport education, and how to brand themselves.  We will also review game film study and breakdown, as well as highlight film prep for full player assessment.  We will also help mentor coaches to help their individual teams be equipped with the right tools they need to help their team succeed.

*If you would like to host an education and or sports seminar in your school feel free to contact us. We host prep seminars for parents and athletes, as well as coaching staff to help brand their team through hudl, practices, and how to work with college recruiting staff.